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Bees and Florals Stick and Stitch Pack

Bees and Florals Stick and Stitch Pack

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Learn to stick and stitch!

  • Embroider cute designs onto your clothing, tote bags, pillow cases and more
  • Fun, pre-printed designs which will wash away in water
  • Step by step video instructions to teach you how to embroider onto clothing
  • Perfect designs for beginners to stick and stitch
  • Join 10,000+ stitchers taught by Clever Poppy

 Skill level required: Beginner

The bees and florals designs will look great embroidered onto your clothing and accessories (t-shirts, denim shorts, tea towels, pencil cases, pillows and so much more!).

Each patch is single-use, and the idea is that you pick your own colours and stitches to add a personalised touch.

These are simple to use - choose a design, peel off the backing and stick it onto your fabric, embroider the design, then rinse the patch away, leaving only your gorgeous stitching behind! 

What's Included:

  • 13 x different designs printed onto water soluble stabilizer
  • Sizes vary from 1" x 1" to 2" x 2"
  • Access to our stick and stitch video instructions - this includes how to use the patches, and my tips for embroidery onto clothing and accessories. 
  • Access to comprehensive video tutorials for getting started with embroidery and 7 beginner stitch techniques.

What's NOT included:

This product doesn't include threads, embroidery tools or clothing items to stitch onto, or detailed stitch and colour guides for the designs.

Think of each design as a blank canvas where you can choose colours and stitches to make it uniquely yours! We recommend using Clever Poppy threads or a high quality brand that is colourfast. 

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