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Spring Wheelbarrow Magnetic Needle Minder

Spring Wheelbarrow Magnetic Needle Minder

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Have you ever lost a needle?

That sinking feeling you get after you've been looking for it for a good 10 minutes can put a real dampener on your me-time. Not to mention the fear that your loved one will stand on the missing needle while walking by (eeeek!). 

Which is why you need a Magnetic Needle Minder...

This helpful little accessory will become your embroidery bestie. If you're anything like us, once you start using one, you'll never want to be without! 


The magnetic Needle Minder acts as a little home for your needle, when it's not in use. Because the Needle Minder is secured to your fabric with a magnet, your metal needle will 'stick' to it, until you're ready to pick your needle up again. This means it doesn't get lost, phew!

So whenever you need to put your needle down, such as to grab some new floss, refer to your pattern, take a break (or help the kids with something!), you just pop your needle onto the face of the Needle Minder (you'll feel it pop into place). 

Then you can rest assured your needle won't go missing- it will be safely waiting for you, right where you put it. Ah, the relief!


It's SO easy. Place the face of the Needle Minder on the topside of your fabric, and secure it in place by placing the detachable part of the magnet on the underside - you'll feel it pop into place.

Now you can place your needle on the face of the Needle Minder, whenever your needle is not in use. 


Our magnetic Needle Minders are made with hard enamel and two sturdy magnets.

The Spring Wheelbarrow Needle Minder measures 3cm x 3cm.

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