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Kona Cotton Packs

Kona Cotton Packs

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Kona Cotton is such a dream to stitch your embroidery projects on! It has a lovely smooth and even texture, with quite a tight weave. This means that you can focus on stitching, rather than dealing with unruly fabric that pulls apart when you stitch on it.

I've tested so many different types of fabric so that you don't have to. And Kona is my fabric of choice.   

Tell me more about these Kona Packs:

Our Kona Cotton packs come in two options: warm or cool colours. Each pack contains 4 subtle shades that will make your stitches pop!

Each pack includes - 4 x squares of 100% Kona Cotton Fabric, each 30cm x 30cm:

  • Warm Pack: soft pink, bright blush, buttery yellow, natural and a pop of mustard
  • Cool Pack: baby blue, light dusky greens and blues

Whether you're an experienced embroiderer or just starting out, Kona Cotton is an excellent choice for your project. Its high-quality construction ensures that your finished piece will look stunning and last for years to come.

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