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The Night Owl Pattern Kit

The Night Owl Pattern Kit

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“I love Clever Poppy! The patterns are fabulous and the materials are great. I think the bundles are so handy when you want everything to turn up nice and quickly." – Monica, Clever Poppy Customer


This pattern captures an owl in flight, gracefully gliding through the velvety night sky. It's a wonderful chance to practice stitching on dark fabric. I know that you’ll get a real sense of achievement when you see your stitches pop against the fabric.

Our kit includes a pre-printed copy of the pattern template on my favourite wash-away stabiliser. This is a great way to create a visible outline, and can be rinsed off at the end. Don't worry, step by step instructions on this process are included in the pattern guide. 


The Night Owl pattern kit includes:

  • A pre-printed copy of the pattern template on a sheet of Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer (Stick & Stitch material)
  • 30cm x 30cm Square of Kona Cotton
  • 7" Beech Wooden display hoop
  • 14 x DMC thread colours
  • Printed The Night Owl Pattern guide (16 pages) 


Skill Level Required for this pattern: Confident Maker+


We have put a lot of love into curating these kits for our customers. The embroidery materials here are great quality. Plus, everything has been tried and tested by me, so we know you will have the best journey with embroidery as possible.


Here's more detail about what this kit includes:


  • Pattern Template Pre-Printed on a sheet of Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer (Stick & Stitch material)

If you’ve been wanting to try a Stick & Stitch embroidery project, then this is the stabiliser you need!  This is a great option to use as a design template to stitch your designs upon (you apply it as a stabiliser before you start stitching, then it dissolves with water once you've finished stitching).


  • 30cm x 30cm Square of Kona Cotton Fabric

    I've tested dozens of types of material so that you don't have to! This 100% Cotton Kona fabric is amazing quality and fantastic to stitch on.


    •  7" (18cm) Beech Wooden Display Hoop

    These hoops are made of solid beech wood with a brass screw closure.  They're great quality and are perfect for displaying your finished piece in.


    • 14 x DMC Thread Colours:

        All the thread colours required to complete your THE NIGHT OWL embroidery pattern. 


        • Printed The Night Owl Pattern guide (16 pages) 
          • A supplies list
          • Thread colour guide
          • Stitch guide
          • Step by step guide and tips
          • The Night Owl template
          • Info and tips on how to transfer this pattern to dark fabric, and how to use wash-away stabiliser (if that's your chosen method).  


        What the pattern doesn't include - tutorials:

        This pattern guide includes my tips and recommendations for making this project. But to learn the actual stitch techniques featured in the pattern, and more about the basics of embroidery, you can head to our blog! There you’ll find in depth tutorials with everything you need to know.

        What the pattern kit doesn't include - basic supplies:

        This pattern kit doesn't include the basic supplies which you will use over and over again, each time you make an embroidery project - scissors, needles, transfer pen and non-slip hoop.

        You can add these supplies to your order with our Embroidery Starter Kit, or with our supply options here.

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