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Sulky Tender Touch "Cover-a-stitch"

Sulky Tender Touch "Cover-a-stitch"

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Sulky Tender Touch stabilizer is a permanent, lightweight, iron-on stabilizer that protects sensitive skin from scratchy stitches, by fusing it onto the back of embroidered garments.

This is great as an option if you want to iron-on a backing that covers and protects your stitches after you’ve done the hand embroidery.

As a soft and flexible knit mesh, it retains the hand and drape of the fabric.

All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free!

  • Size: One piece, 20" x 36” (approx. 50cm x 90cm)
  • Hand Weight: Light
  • Permanent or Temporary: Permanent
  • Removal Method: Cut-Away

Method: Full instructions are included on the packaging. In summary, you cut out a a piece so that it’s about half an inch (approx. 1.2cm) wider than the design. Make sure you have cut curved corners, rather than sharp corners which might catch and pull up. Then you place it over the embroidery (course side down), and iron it on.

Washability: This is a permanent backing, which is designed to withstand washing. It’s ability to stick will depend on how well it was adhered in the first place. The Sulky brand blog suggests that if you are having difficulty, to cut the Tender Touch with pinking shears and to iron it on with steam (because the steam and extra edges seem to help the whole piece to stay on the garment no matter how many times you wash it).

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