Clever Poppy

Petal Breeze Embroidery Project Kit #EM1

*** NOTE: This project kit is for the material supplies only, you can download the pattern guide for FREE inside my Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Embroidery***

Skill Level Required for this pattern: Excited Newbie + (beginner level)


We have put a lot of love into curating these kits for our members. The embroidery materials here are great quality. Plus, everything has been tried and tested by me, so we know you will have the best journey with embroidery as possible.


This kit includes the fabric, thread and display hoop for the beginner's embroidery pattern PETAL BREEZE.  And you have the option of two different hoops. This kit includes:


  • 30cm x 30cm Square of 100% Cotton Fabric

    I've tested dozens of types of material so that you don't have too!  This 100% Cotton Fabric material has a fine weave that is perfect for embroidery and a nice white finish that will provide a great contrast against your threads to really make them 'pop'.


    •  Nurge no.3 - 8mm x 16cm (6.3") Wooden Display Hoop

    Nurge is a well known brand and this is a great hoop for both making and displaying your finished piece in.


    • Rico Design Embroidery Hoop Powder 17.8cm (7")
    I absolutely love the Rico Design embroidery hoops (finally a beautiful plastic hoop!).  This Powder 17.8cm hoop will look great as a display hoop for your finished piece (plus it's great for making your design in too).

    • 6 x DMC Thread Colours:
      • #224
      • #352
      • #356
      • #437
      • #783
    All the thread colours required to complete your PETAL BREEZE embroidery pattern.



    Additional Notes: 

    • We strive to use sustainable packaging where possible.  All the packaging used in this kit is compostable including the clear eco-bags sourced from econic packaging.