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Embroidery Beginner's Bundle

Embroidery Beginner's Bundle

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Have You Been Thinking About Giving Modern Embroidery A Go?


Our Embroidery Beginner's Bundle has everything you need to get started in Modern Embroidery including:


  • Embroidery Foundations Course & Pattern Guides:

An online course to help you quickly and confidently make your first two embroidery pieces - Little Wildflower Meadow & Blooming Lovely.

We love the idea of creating beautiful things, but finding the time seems impossible.

At the end of a busy day working and kid-wrangling, you don't have time to bounce around youtube searching for the right techniques and tutorials.

In this online course, I've broken down the step by step instructions into bite sized videos that will walk you through the process learning modern embroidery including:

  • How to get started including dressing your hoop and transferring your pattern
  • The seven basic stitches required
  • How to finish your hoop

And at the end you will have made your first two embroidery patterns:


A Little Wildflower Meadow
Blooming Lovely

Note: Included in the bundle are the instructions on how to access your online course.


  • Embroidery Starter Kit:

We've curated all the tools you'll need to get started in embroidery into one handy kit. 

These tools have been tried and tested by not just me, but hundreds of other women so you know you can be confident you'll be getting equipment working straight out of the box.

The starter kit includes:

  • Elovell Embroidery Hoop Dusty Terracotta 20.3cm (8")
  • Clever Poppy Peach Scissors
  • DMC Embroidery Needles Size #3 to #9
  • Pilot Frixion Pen (Heat Erasable

All the basic tools needed that you'll reuse over and over for each project you create.

Plus, to practice your new embroidery skills (before you dive into the two patterns):

  • Printed Beginner's Stitch Sampler
  • 1 Square of 100% Cotton Fabric size 30cm x 30cm


  • A Little Wildflower Meadow & Blooming Lovely Project Kits:

These are my two most popular beginner patterns & included in the bundle are all the materials you'll need to make both of them.  Plus you'll get the super stylish Wooden Hoops to display your pieces in.

The detailed list includes:

  • 2 x Squares of 100% Cotton Fabric each sized 30cm x 30cm
  • 6" (15.5cm) Beech Wooden Display Hoop
  • 7" (18cm) Beech Wooden Display Hoop
  • 7 x DMC Thread Colours for your Blooming Lovely Pattern
  • 7 x DMC Thread Colours for your Little Wildflower Meadow Pattern
  • Printed Little Wildflower Meadow Pattern guide (10 pages)
  • Printed Blooming Lovely Pattern Guide (10 pages)

All the materials required to create your first two embroidery patterns


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This bundle makes the perfect gift for that special someone (or to yourself!)

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