Clever Poppy

Monk's Cloth on Pre-Stretched Frame

We’ve pre-stretched your monk’s cloth onto a frame, so it’s ready for you to pick up and start punching! This is a great option for punch needle projects, because the cloth is nice and tight on the frame, and you don’t need to mess about with dressing it in a hoop or re-tightening it up as you punch away. I also love how your design is ready to hang on the wall as soon as it’s done, looking fab in it’s ready-made frame!



  • Outer edge: 29cm x 29cm
  • Inner edge (punching area): 24cm x 24cm


More about Monk’s Cloth:

This foundation fabric is an absolute dream to punch with! It’s a sturdy, 100% cotton fabric with a nice loose weave (about 12 holes per inch). It’s quite unique as far as fabrics go, because it’s hardwearing enough to allow you to punch down with oomph, and the fabric makes way for your needle and almost hugs the stitches as you punch along.  This means it’s perfect for newbies at punch needle, but also for confident makers.


What punch needle does this cloth work well with? This count monk’s cloth works perfectly with our ‘Chunky’ size punch needles (the Oxford #10 Regular and Lavor Chunky). It’s also lovely to use with our ‘Medium’ size punch needles (the Oxford # 10 Fine and Lavor Medium). You can use it with the ABCD Adjustable punch needle too.