Clever Poppy

Pilot Frixion Pen

A pen with a fine tip that will disappear with heat!  I recommend using this pen with any finely detailed patterns that require a much finer style pen (compared to the blue water soluble pen in our starter kits). This pen is fantastic and also a great addition to your craft supply stash. 

HOW TO REMOVE THE FRIXION PEN? All you need to do is blow a hair dryer over your finished pattern, and the pen will disappear! You can also use an iron, just go gently in terms of the heat and pressure (press gently down, don't rub it back and forth across your stitches). I'm sure you'll love these pens! 

TIP: You don't need to draw really thick lines with this pen, just draw a nice thin line. If you draw a super thick dark line, this might mean it's still slightly visible even once removed with heat. So go easy when you're drawing on your design, and you'll be sweet.