Clever Poppy

Basic Punch Needle Starter Kit

We have put a lot of love into curating these kits for our members. The embroidery tools here are great quality. Plus, everything has been tried and tested by me, so we know you will have the best journey learning embroidery as possible.

This kit includes the basic equipment you'll use over and over again, each time you make a punch needle project.

Please choose which one of our wonderful beginner needles you’d like to include in your kit – the Oxford #10 Reg or the Lavor Chunky Adjustable Punch Needle.

You can also choose which colour scissors to include in your kit.

Note: You will also need to buy the 'Project Kit' for each pattern (which will cover the yarn, fabric and display hoop or frame for that particular pattern).


This kit includes:

  •  Oxford #10 Regular Punch Needle

This is the holy grail of punch needles my friend! It’s a fantastic option if you are a punch needle newbie. It fits so nicely in your hand, and the design means you can easily thread it without needing to use a threader tool. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee


  •  Lavor Chunky Adjustable Punch Needle

This is a fantastic beginner punch needle to get you started on your punch needle journey! Made in Portugal, with metal and 100% recycled plastic. This needle comes with a simple threader tool, which you will use to thread the punch needle with your yarn.


  • Plastic No Slip Hoop (10")

The hoop is a great beginner option for holding your foundation fabric nice and taut while you punch your patterns, and this size will suit the majority of your punch needle projects.


  • Clever Poppy Curved tip scissors (three colours)

The Clever Poppy scissors come in three colours - Mustard, Peach or Sea Green. They are lovely to use and the curved tip means you can snip in nice and close to your threads and stitches.


  • Pilot Frixion Pen (Heat Erasable)

A pen with a fine tip that will disappear with heat!  I recommend using this pen with the alphabet pattern, because the finely detailed pattern requires a much finer style pen (compare to the blue water soluble pen in our starter kits). This pen is fantastic and also a great addition to your craft supply stash. 

HOW TO REMOVE THE FRIXION PEN? All you need to do is blow a hair dryer over your finished pattern, and the pen will disappear! You can also use an iron, just go gently in terms of the heat and pressure (press gently down, don't rub it back and forth across your stitches). I'm sure you'll love these pens! 


  • DMC #13 weaving needle

This simple yarn needle is perfect if you want to add whip stitch finishes to your designs.  The large eye ensures you will be able to thread the chunky yarns that we use.


Additional Notes:  We strive to use sustainable packaging where possible.  All the packaging used in this kit is compostable including the clear eco-bags sourced from econic packaging.