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Frixion Pen and Needles Pack

Frixion Pen and Needles Pack

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This pack contains some of your most helpful, essential embroidery supplies: 

  • 2 x Pilot Frixion Pens
  • 2 x Pack of Embroidery Needles Size #3 to #9

Let's talk about the needles: 

These are my fav needles to use! They have a large eye for helping you thread your floss through and this range of sizes will suit you well in your embroidery journey.

Let's talk about the Frixion Pens:

These pens are my absolute favourite option for transferring your pattern onto the fabric. And our customers absolutely rave about them too!

This pen has a fine tip that will disappear with heat!  It draws a lovely fine line, and the black colour is nice and distraction free up against your lovely thread colours.

This pen really is fantastic and also a great addition to your craft supply stash. And it's super helpful to have a spare - because if you're anything like me, they tend to go walking...

HOW TO REMOVE THE FRIXION PEN? All you need to do is blow a hair dryer over your finished pattern, and the pen will disappear! You can also use an iron, just go gently in terms of the heat and pressure (press gently down, don't rub it back and forth across your stitches).

I'm sure you'll love these pens! 

TIPS: Just draw a nice fine line with this pen. Use a sketching motion if that helps. Even if you remove the pen marks, occasionally you might notice a very faint residue. It's not usually noticeable, but using steam can help remove it.

Also, if your pen stops working, it might be because it got so hot that the ink inside actually went see-through, oops! Just pop it in the freezer for a few hours, and it should come back to life. 


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