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Festive Motifs Pattern Kit

Festive Motifs Pattern Kit

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“Absolutely love purchasing & using Clever Poppy kits.... it makes embroidery very easy, stress free & FUN!!” – Jessica, Clever Poppy Customer


This set of little festive designs is perfect for stitching onto Christmas themed accessories and clothing. Each motif is designed as quite a simple shape - the idea is that you can either follow my stitch guide, or fill them in with whatever stitches and colours you wish. Enjoy personalising your Christmas decor!


The Festive Motifs pattern kit includes:

  • 2 x Sheets of 21.5cm x 28cm Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer (Stick & Stitch material)
  • 8 x DMC thread colours
  • Printed Festive Motifs Pattern guide (14 pages) 


Skill Level Required for this pattern: Confident Maker+


We have put a lot of love into curating these kits for our customers. The embroidery materials here are great quality. Plus, everything has been tried and tested by me, so we know you will have the best journey with embroidery as possible.


Here's more detail about what this kit includes:


  • 2 x Sheets of 21.5cm x 28cm Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer (Stick & Stitch material)

If you’ve been wanting to try a Stick & Stitch embroidery project, then this is the stabiliser you need!  This is a great option to use as a design template to stitch your designs upon (you apply it as a stabiliser before you start stitching, then it dissolves with water once you've finished stitching).


  • 8 x DMC Thread Colours:

      All the thread colours required to complete your Festive Motifs embroidery patterns. 

      Please note that this kit does NOT include optional supplies that you may also like to use while stitching on clothing, such as a 'Cover-a-stitch' backing, or a smaller embroidery hoop (e.g. 6 inch). These can be purchased separately from our store.


      • Printed Festive Motifs Pattern guide (14 pages) 
        • A supplies list
        • Thread colour guide
        • Step by step guide and tips
        • 11 x Festive Motif templates


      What the pattern guide doesn't include:

      This pattern guide includes my tips and recommendations for making this project.  But to learn the actual stitch techniques featured in the pattern, and more about the basics of embroidery, you can head to our blog! There you’ll find in depth tutorials with everything you need to know.



      We've had a lot of requests about getting your hands on Christmas Stockings like the ones pictured in these examples. So our lovely member Shannen has designed a template for a gorgeous DIY Christmas Stocking - download the file here. Plus she has shared a few tutorials on her Instagram page, about how to prep and sew up the pattern - watch on her page @what.she.made. Thanks so much Shannen!

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